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Professional Drain Cleaning For Every Fort Wayne Resident-One of the most important aspects of our business is providing premium, reliable services - and professionalism is a key goal for this!
We can work with your residential and commercial drainage needs; from basement draining to advanced camera inspections and more, we provide the quality services your property needs to stay safe and hygienic. Our mission? To offer reliable, professional, and uncompromising services, every time!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer reliable, professional, and uncompromising services.

How to avoid clogged drains

When issues arise, our team of experts will be able to help you get the drain cleaned and fixed.



Quite often, not enough water is used when disposing waste. As a result, parts of waste can accumulate within the pipeline. Drain Doctor suggests continously running water to flush out disposal once a month. The most effective way is to plug the sink and fill it all the way up. After full, unplug the sink and let the water wash out leftover debris within the pipes.



If a cleaning wipe includes, “flushable” it's recommended that all wipes should not be flushed.
Sanitary wipes are a common cause of clogged pipes due to the bounding material. To avoid risks and keep things safe, only flush toilet paper.



In cases of minor sink cloggage, depending if you have a double sink, you should always plug one sink to create the vacuum pressure needed to plunge effectively. Similarly, you should plug the overflow hole in bathroom sinks when plunging them.

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Our comprehensive services cover all types of clogs to sewers or
drainage systems.

Our Solutions

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No Drain Is A Pain With The Drain Doctor

Drain Doctor is a family owned & operated business that specializes in drain cleaning, hydro jetting, & video inspections. Our company is proudly serving the areas of Allen county. We are equipped to do it all! Our professional team can clean sewers, clogged drains, clogged sinks, and anything else you may find clogged inside your home or business. To backup our exemplary service we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We use state of the art equipment, including flex shaft technology to clear all types of stoppages.

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If you’re a plumber or plumbing company that doesn’t have the tools or time for drain cleaning, partner up with us for our specialty services! Contact us today to work with us. Our Service

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